(etymology: Latin; “from a distance”)
DIAMETER (overall):5872 m
HEIGHT (overall):2251 m
DECKS: 858
MASS: 1251M metric tons
POPULATION: 8,482,000 (2510 census + estimated
unrecorded population growth)
BUILDABLE AREA:141.5 km2 (1.42 x 104 hectares)

CSSTAT-2 (“Station 2”) was the Conglomerate’s first dedicated, space borne drydock. From its massive belly emerged the historic CSV Exodus, launching man beyond the known solar system and into the galaxies beyond. The specifications of this station can be misleading. Despite its massive size and primary enclosure dome, the bulk of the interior is empty space where new ships are assembled in part or in whole. Similarly, the population of this facility is subject to revision as many who claim residency actually live in neighboring off-station apartment barges or commute from planetside. At full worker capacity, however, a station population of over 5M is easily achieved.

Station 2 has undergone a number of retrofits and an entirely new design (mid-2420) has since engulfed the first two iterations of the facility. (This process was the Conglomerate’s first material success in physical reconfiguration construction: a procedure which involves the nano-driven, 100% recycling of previous materials. Much of the atomic recoding was completed at dedicated facilities located on the moon, but the results were a radically different station without the typical costs associated with such a massive construction effort.)

Station 2 is the Conglomerate’s primary testbed facility for new vessel types and classes in addition to providing exclusive construction provisions for all Dominus class vessels. Send-offs of these once-a-generation leviathans are celebrations where both space pyrotechnics and the ignition of the monstrous engines for the first time can be seen from the surfaces of the Earth and moon. The last major retrofitting operation took place in 2488, which added a deeper work trench. The new arrangement suggests dramatically new ship designs are likely forthcoming. Haberschtein Shipyards had foot the bill of the original CSSTAT-2’s construction. As the company became the official contractor for CSVs and more deeply integrated into Conglomerate expansion operations, subsequent upgrades have been integrated into the CMSB (Conglomerate Military Service Bureau) budget.


The definition of “deck” is very fluid in vessel construction. However, “ground-floor” decks (1 thru 10) are permanent planning, control and command communications facilities. Various on-call maintenance