The latest of the CSSTAT series, “Station 5,” as it is widely known, is the center of Conglomerate space and its operations. It has become the very center of all intergalaxial commerce, politics and military force.

The massive structure possesses a buildable “flat area” equal to the country once known as Germany, completely encased in a nano- molded shell of an Audrium precursor alloy. Construction materials vary depending on who is housed on the decks in question, and permits are carefully issued for the many development components; particularly those that seek bindings to the superstructure or major power conduits. While sharing a similar external design to previous CSSTATs, Station 5’s use of next generation alloys greatly expanded the livable space within the “blocky cocoon” form factor. Space savings were necessary in order to install ever advancing data storage and communications arrays needed for intergalaxial commerce and oversight. Increased efficiencies in power production have also, for the first time, allowed the entire Conglomerate bureaucracy to be consolidated to one station; a feat not achieved since CSSTAT-1, when the newly formed Conglomerate directorship numbered less than 50,000. Actual power output and sources remain classified, as are defensive measures. (It is an open secret that the Conglomerate created a militarized perimeter around the entire Earth system following the Corishtani Conflict.)


1 thru 100: Conglomerate CMS and support personnel (also called “Alpha Decks”).
101 thru 600: Primary bureaucratic organs and dignitary receivership hangars.
601 thru 700: Military Command and private hangars (“the Barracks”).
701 thru 1500: Science and Technology boards, engineers, support staff and labs facilities.
1501 thru 1600: Non-CMS luxury units.
1601 thru 3500: All other non-necessary personnel.