Security Data Transmission Module (SEDATR) Model 2800 - pronounced “Sedater”

The SEDATR-2800 (current issue equipment) is the primary data citation device carried by every member of the Security Police in their day-to-day operations. The portable device provides a secure gateway through which all non-classified MACODAX information requests can be made. It also serves as a secondary beacon device providing the realtime location of all security personnel that they may be directed to trouble spots at a moment's notice.

“Sedater” was named for its “calming” influence on citizens upon device presentation when said person is suspected of wrongdoing. Unlike antiquated “unified” law enforcement systems of the past, MACODAX contains the suspect's life in totality from birth (in digital form). Depending on the statute of limitations (of various offenses), one is as likely to be detained for crimes unrelated to the reason of the inquiry as they are for it.

All SEDATR requests are recorded to ensure strict compliance with Conglomerate privacy rules. Security personnel who abuse the privilege of SEDATR's MACODAX access face severe disciplinary action, including likely dismissal. If a specific request is flagged, it is put on hold until approved by a superior officer of adequate rank.

The “Scanner Murders” in 2524, where a ring of Security Police used SEDATR systems to hunt and kill former lovers (and their new love interests), forced Digital Justice Corp. to release model 2800. SEDATR-2800 integrated biometric activation measures to prevent this information from being used in such a manner. The previous Model 2610 inserted additional provisions to disable SEDATR's room scanners (which effectively sees through walls) when activated on suspected personal relations.

SEDATR units completely shut down in the presence of a Watcheye or Conglomerate official of director's rank or greater. The ancient intellectual Cicero once asked, “Who watches the watchers?” The Conglomerate response is-- SEDATR.