Armies of people flood Enforcer Corps recruiting drives, but only a handful will ever be assigned their FORCE armor or fire the STILLWATER MOWAG-2715a, even on a practice range. Most will not last beyond the Preliminary Exam Batteries (PREBATs), and of these, a large number will find employment as Security Agents in local precincts.

Contrary to popular belief, most rejected from PREBATs are not turned away for lack of physical fitness, but for lack of mental stability or astuteness. Candidates who manage to enter second tier combat training are considered “security capable” and are therefore prime applicants for smaller jurisdictional duties. Those categorized “borderline unfit” for any armed position (such as those who harbor deep-seated, anti-authoritarian tendencies) have their records so marked and are, at best, assigned to Lower Levels patrols or other tasks requiring Menial exchanges.

Many Security Agents go on to become superb officers and handle their authority responsibly. Others abuse their posts at the expense of those over whom they have legal power. The Conglomerate is willing to exercise flexibility in such matters so long as order is maintained.