CID: 1-5986-76334
Race: Human
Age: 43
Occup: CMS (Level One)

Madelyn 1-5986-76334 (henceforth, “Madelyn”) was a CMS member whose wealth transfer came largely from her uncle (Jeremiah 1-6004-80344, henceforth, “Jeremiah”), the last of a pioneer expedition into galaxy designate Q3. After a handful of costly “stealth litigations” launched by immediate family members, Jeremiah sold all his land and space rights just before his death and altered his will to bequeath the whole of his shares to his favorite niece. Because Jeremiah was a CMS, he was able to “Blood Block” his shares. The Blood Block was created by CMS to dissuade the “accelerated, criminal or legal demise” of a CMS by scheming individuals listed in a wealth transfer agreement. The CMS shares are “marked” by the central Conglomerate wealth ministries and can never be claimed by those named in the Blood Block.

Jeremiah’s brother and sister-in-law, the primary engineers of the attempted shares coup, were forced to watch their daughter, Madelyn, enjoy wealth and power while they maintained their comparatively “impoverished” lifestyles…all the while knowing they couldn’t so much as share a meal she purchased for them for fear of legal retribution.

Madelyn grew to take full advantage of her CMS status and started several charitable organizations across a handful of local systems while attending some of the most prestigious academic institutions. She is thought to be among the first CMS-level Conglomerate citizens to even consider the notion that the goal of the Conglomerate should generally be a positive force, rather than a purely profit-motivated entity. For this reason alone, it struck many as odd when she married Peter 1-8646-98375 (henceforth, “Peter”), a Conglomerate executive VP, after her first husband passed. The only carryover from the first marriage, aside from her wealth, was her daughter, Samantha.

Madelyn’s relationship with Peter was said to be “strained” before her unfortunate death at the Kor’Tulsagg colony. A new generator to power the infrastructure of the impoverished colony was to be brought online at a ceremony, with senior staff on hand for the festivities. A faulty core conduit was blamed for the massive fire that overwhelmed the extinguishing systems. One thousand people were incinerated on site. Another 20,000 who had come to witness what was to be a new day for Kor’Tulsagg died of direct burns, smoke inhalation or other chemicals that were put into the air by the fires.

Madelyn’s entire wealth base was transferred to her daughter. Samantha faithfully carries on with her mother's original vision, trying to change the culture of The Conglomerate from within. This has earned her the same level of disdain from fellow CMS members as her mother.

The Expeditionary Council Sub-Committee withheld funding authorization until Peter and Daral successfully argued a series of advantageous scenarios that might come of it. If the mission failed, it would remove any further attempts by a growing movement to alter current Conglomerate expansion policy. If it succeeded, it would take several years, if not decades, before any tangible data could be collected, again allowing for unimpeded operations until then. On the off chance this, as Daral put it, “pie in the sky, illogical, ill-conceived, fuzzy-feel-good,” model worked, the Conglomerate would, in the end, still reap its rewards…albeit at a slower rate. He was careful to point out there was not a single simulation that remotely suggested the experimental approach would succeed.

The authorization for this mission appears in large part to be to “prove a negative,” which is logically impossible. Still, it is a solution that satisfied all parties involved. Despite the odds, Samantha and Jasson will have the opportunity to put their theories into practice. Should they fail, The Conglomerate would have empirical evidence and a public relations coup preventing further attempts to alter their time-proven methods.