CID: 1-9287-97632
Race: Human
Age: 29
Occup: Advance Planetary
Negotiations Committee (APNC)
Lead Negotiator, Board Member
of Conglomerate Energy

Samantha 1-9287-97632 (henceforth “Samantha” unless otherwise noted) is among the affluent class of society (through Conglomerate Energy), and uses her power and influence in an attempt to change the corporate culture of The Conglomerate. Exploiting the resources of other planets should be, in her opinion, a cooperative venture between the planet's native population and The Conglomerate. She garnered the support of other intellectuals of sufficient rank and became a chief architect of the Advance Planetary Negotiations Committee (APNC), now in its trial phase as an official agency of The Conglomerate. The fundamental mission of the APNC is to negotiate for the rights to resources without the use of fear tactics and violence (leading the natives to “deal from desperation,” which remains The Conglomerate’s current protocol).

Official documents express APNC’s mission as “…to strive to first observe a native population, and only then negotiate from an understanding of cultures...” Samantha and those of similar thinking seek to end what they consider the scourge of Enforcer “cleansing” operations. It is a tactic The Conglomerate finds “regrettable but often necessary” in order to fulfill The Conglomerate’s mission of accumulating wealth for its membership.

Personal subject dossier records the death of her biological mother, Madelyn 1-5986-76334 (henceforth, “Madelyn”), when Samantha was 11 years of age. Peter 1-8646-98375 (henceforth “Peter” unless otherwise noted) is not registered as her biological father. Samantha’s paternal asset was interned after CMS probes revealed illegal transactions between [REDACTED] and sanctioned outer rim parties attempting to establish CBM accounts. It is recorded that her father died from natural causes. Shares were transferred to the wife and daughter in full compliance with Conglomerate hereditary edicts. Upon the death of Madelyn, the vast majority of her holdings fell to Samantha. A small amount was set aside to fund a private trust aiding conservation-minded projects across Conglomerate space.

Addendum: Samantha’s recently modified Hereditary Asset Longevity Transfer Document (HEALTD) dictates all material assets are to be donated to various charities. Conglomerate shares are to be transferred separately, and wholly, to Peter in the event of her demise. She does not have any other known living relatives.