CID: 341-1421-8483
Race: Human
Age: 35
Occup: CMSB Intelligence Liaison

Robert 341-1421-8483 (henceforth “Robert,” unless otherwise noted) was recruited in his early teens from the Courantalli Orbital Colony (J2) Academic Excellence Program and granted a waiver by the CMSB to relocate to the Earth system for further education. His test scores were such that he was enrolled into the Officers School by special admittance two years before he was technically eligible. Robert turned down a guaranteed command in order to serve among the enlisted members of the Corps. It was an unusual step, but one that earned him a level of trust previously unseen among both command elements as well as the boots on the ground.

Robert proved himself as capable on the field of battle as those of academia. After serving out his preliminary three-year commitment, he reenlisted with a provisional transfer request to CMSB Intelligence. The request was granted without issue. Upon completion of additional training for this new post, he returned to service as the primary intelligence liaison to First Battalion, Third Enforcers (aka: “Steel Bane”) just prior to the Sestus Prime first contact drop. Despite the terrible end to that mission, Robert was quickly reassigned to the black operations platoon “Blood Reign” (203rd Battalion, First Enforcers). Blood Reign was known only to be engaged in KILLOS operations in so-called “grey” Syrhani’i spheres of influence, as a support unit to Taskforce 343.

Scores of captured Syrhani’i (resulting in large intelligence acquisitions) and a shift in system dynamics in favor of The Conglomerate were considered enough to return Robert to CMSB HQ and a well-earned vacation. Upon his return, he quickly learned of the pending APNC mission and opted out of his paid leave to be assigned to the group, and insisted his ex-Enforcer colleague, Jon 1111-6983-6493 (previously decommissioned to a Menial) be placed as its chief protection detail.

Query: It is my estimation that Robert used considerable effort and personal influence to have Jon reinstated to his Enforcer post. This analysis is drawn from the unclassified visitation logs of Peter 1-8646-98375. There is, however, no direct proof of this as the contents of those discussions remain classified.