Race: Class VI Ikasu Android
Age: 6
Occup: Primary ship operations
service android and personal
assistant to Samantha

Ship operations service and personal assistant android designate, “Potter,” is the latest model of the Ikasu series androids. Developed internally by The Conglomerate as executive assistants, Ikasu-level androids are assembled and coded to the specific needs of the individual they will serve. Potter’s direct controller is Samantha 1-9287-97632, to whom he has been assigned. As a personal assistant, he operates as a flawless secretary for her day-to-day requirements. Due to Samantha’s many personal travels, Potter has also been outfitted with additional ship-piloting capabilities, including military-grade attack and avoidance maneuvers not typically found in advanced pilot droids.

Samantha’s many diplomatic functions have provided extensive, firsthand data for his Characteristic Processing Matrix (CPM: the “learning core”). Potter’s CPM is considered among the most refined of android servitors. It is a distinction he humbly casts aside as a consequence of his work with and for Samantha, crediting her with everything he has been allowed to become. He is extraordinarily personable, especially with humans. A sixth generation Stochastic Logic Algorithm (SLA) was also introduced in the Ikasu model, giving Potter a mid-grade level of “operational predictability” in his organic interactions, helping ease favorable outcomes as a diplomat’s diplomat, steering personalities just as he might analytically steer a card game. It should be noted that the SLA renders Potter a near perfect card player and he is the unofficial Belkroviak Poker Champion, besting hyper-computers by convincingly feigning human-like tells. One mission ended successfully when Samantha was granted an audience with the exceedingly private Belkrovian Imperial Queen. Potter won the audience when he bested her majesty’s Finance Minister (who famously boasted no machine could ever beat him [and his robotic cheats]) at the Game of Threads. The minister was forced to honor his word or risk intergalactic humiliation.

Potter celebrated his victory with a handshake and a small bow. He now coaches the Belkroviakian Minister when either is in the other’s system for official business.