TOP Camp:
Terrain Operations Portable Camp

The actual unit compositions of TOP Camps are adjusted to meet the needs of deployment. These can range from bug-dispersing, light fabrics (for tropical or desert expeditionary operations) to armor-plated, environmentally hardened, built-in life support and weapons arrays. The latter are generally delivered by Conglomerate Atmospheric Vehicle (CAValier) class heavy aerial transports.

TOP camp is a generic term encompassing all varieties of non-permanent base of operations.

Terrain Operations Portable camps (also known as: “Pop-Camps,” or “Base-in-a-Box,” and “B'n'B”) in Enforcer vernacular) were developed by CMSB Terrain Holding R&D as both frontline and emergency base camp packages easily equipped and transported for the needs of a base of operations.

The history of the TOP Camp is muddled in controversy, having been an official line item used by ranking officers (often political appointees) to arrange for “private quarters” used for conjugal purposes prohibited by the CMSB Code of Conduct. Many decorated combat veterans were imprisoned for dereliction of duty. Court-marshals were meted out for challenging commanding officers by asking such structures be removed as troop morale dropped. CMSB financial divisions had been able to conceal the efficacy of allowing officers certain “benefits” by “improving” decision making ability. When the statistics and actual war costs turned against them, however, the TOP Camps were recategorized to operational functions only with a positive return on investment. Personal TOP Camps are banned.