Advertising Optical Retail Boards (Ad ORBs) are the 26th century version of the billboard. Whereas previous boards were two dimensional and static (or with limited, gimmicky highlights), the ORB system is able to project single-viewer, immersive holographic advertisements. Onboard sensors detect oncoming traffic, vehicle type and likely pilot origin. Advertisers are scanned for the most prevalent marketing presentation and projected upon the cockpit viewport of the vessel. (Each ORB is built with 20-60 independently targeting projectors.) Audio and any written language is auto-translated according to the vessel’s NAVCOM language settings.

Traditional advertising is also possible, at appropriate cost, upon the external shell of the ORB…or presented as a massive, standalone holoprojection.

Licensing for ORB ads undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure cockpit projections do not in any way confuse, impede or otherwise draw the pilot’s attention from their safe operation of the ship. Route buoys emit low-level tractor beam bursts should a vessel “drift.” Higher energy buoys are activated when a major drive disturbance is detected. This function is native to the buoy and is not related into the ORB system. It does add a level of safety in case one’s mind does linger a moment too long in a fully immersive advertisement experience.