Latter 25th century innovation that replaced cellular-level microsurgery and yielded humanity’s first true elemental-level control of advanced living tissue.

Spearheaded by PARACOM medical research and development, nanosurgical procedures quickly became the means through which advanced combat enhanced Enforcers received bio-augmented capabilities (the “Battle Screen” being one example; see separate entry). Additional benefits to nanosurgery include the lack of visual and scannable indications of modification (useful for deep cover agents) and, for the first time, artificial component rejections could be almost completely avoided if strictly applied. Unconventional procedures can still result in death by any number of means, but basic healing and cellular replication assistance enhancements have all but become a medical norm.

It should be noted that as with all cutting edge technologies, nanosurgery had a rough start. Preliminary, large scale human trials regrettably took place during the Solaris of 2648. This Solaris, an unusually high intensity electromagnetic (EM) solar event, created a disturbance sufficient to affect systems through the shields of CSSTAT-3 where the experiments were being conducted. Nanite programming became compromised in vitro. Rather than creating the desired materials within the host, they began to decouple every molecule they happened across. The resulting “Gray Men” were not named for the “aliens” of yore, but for the inert “grey goo” the poor souls were reduced to.

Updated medical safety code now force nanites to cease all function if they detect a sudden EM fluctuation.