42.11 kg 1.02 m (“partial-bullpup” design)
1.69 m
Drum-packaged ordinance (mission variable payloads)
Full automatic, customizable firing rate (adapts to munitions type and target engagement systems)
N/A with smaller and standard plasma-core munitions / Major with larger ordinance requiring magnetic or other propulsion assistance / Requires large base or full bionics if using large propellant ammunition (particularly with rapidfire settings)
Manual or remote. HIYSS integration-ready.



Unlike most weapons from the Stillwater Weaponsmithy, the MOWAG does not have a nickname. MOWAG stands for Massive Ordinance WAr Gun. The enumeration following the name is the model year of its debut (current service weapon is 2715, revision A). A bulky weapon that generally requires both hands to properly handle, the MOWAG line was designed for one purpose and one alone: to bring devastating, individually portable firepower to the front lines. It has become a favorite among Enforcer “Cleaners” in close quarters, mass populations (such as cave dwelling lifeforms).

To achieve this goal, Stillwater engineered several innovations in the defense sector including hydraulic grip points built into the weapon (rather than requiring bionic assisted exosuits) to allow for easy mounting and adjustments in the open, attach to vehicles on-the-fly, etc. The chamber materials (1 visible, 1 partially concealed for pressure-propulsion munitions) have been hardened by an Audrium coating rendering them incredibly resilient to the constant shuffling of munitions types and chamber-initiated fission reactions (sometimes called the BRN, or “Bottle-Rocket Nuke”). The material is so durable, in fact, that barrels have been recovered after days “soaking” in lava pits in which Enforcers had perished. It is also one of the most closely guarded secrets of Conglomerate material scientists (within the CMSB).

MOWAGs are necessarily unwieldy for typical combat use, but when married to systems like the Firemaster, they are among the most destructive “hand weapons” an Enforcer can bring to the field. A uniquely unsexy gun, it is sometimes called the “Fugly Duckling” by the warfighter. In practice however, looks have little to do with victory. Results are all that matter. To this end, the MOWAG is considered a veritable work of art.

Only air support is considered a more welcome party to the fight.