The miracle of nanosurgery is what Ponce de Leon would have sought if he were alive today... It is the scientific Fountain of Youth, capable of correcting errors in the genetic code of humans at the atomic level and, in many ways, defying nature's primordial intent. It does not, however, grant immortality. Life expectancies (and the quality of those years) are many times that of our ancestors.

For those who can afford it, disease is all but a thing of the past...and the poor...

The typical citizen in need of pharmaceuticals have many options, but for those facing life threatening illnesses, there is only VitasTM. As the company’s recent campaign jingle rightly claims,

“...before 'spensive nanosurgery, there is VitasTM!”

VitasTM is the maturation of a number of patents originally filed by CYGNUS of Old Earth. Executed then under clandestine government oversight, VitasTM has been lauded as the “Magic Bullet,” one-stop-shop pill for any ailment found in medical journals. It is currently produced under license by Spectrum Pharmaceuticals. The VitasTM molecule uses an artificial pentane carbon backbone. Attached to each carbon are synthetic “molecule pods” that have specialized nanotech “stations” married to them. These pods are adhere through simple chemical bonds that can be dynamically strengthened or weakened depending on need by the carbon-facing end of the station. This flexibility allows them to permeate virtually any membrane to exact their purpose. Functionality is defined as follow:

Station 1: “Lab Element.” Sensor arrays perform detection and assessment of target cells and feed relevant data to Station 2.

Station 2: “Repair Element.” As Station 1 information is received, Station 2 will move into position and attempt to rebuild/repair cellular ambiguities according to accepted medical norms for said cell type(s).

Station 3: “Demolition Element.” Should Station 2 fail because the cells/tissue is too damaged to be fixed on any effective scale, Station 3 begins dismantling faulty cells/tissue, thus providing raw materials for Stations 4 and 5 to use and attempt rebuilding of necessary cells/tissue from scratch.

Stations 4 and 5: “Construction Elements.” Using raw molecular material (and drawing as needed from surrounding chemicals), Stations 4 and 5 are effectively hyper-ribosomes (another CYGNUS innovation) which will attempt to recreate functional versions of the cells/tissues that have just been reduced to their most basic biological components.

Profitability is maintained due to the inherent “burn out” of nanites as they go about their molecular repair duties (at which point they simply dissolve and are shuttled out by normal biological processes). Continued intake of VitasTM is therefore necessary unless more permanent nanosurgeries (or full system replacement organs) can be performed.

These options are typically well outside the financial realities of VitasTM consumers. VitasTM is effective against even the most devastating, formerly life-threatening diseases with continued use. Its historical significance is as the first real, ongoing barrier to cancers.