CID: 1111-0045-0042
Race: Human
Age: 17
Occup: Menial (Level 4)

Mel 1111-0045-0042 (henceforth, “Mel”) is Jon’s only sister. She has been the primary caretaker for Jon’s mother (Ellen 1111-2636-0481, henceforth, “Ellen”) and Kyle 1111-0031-1063 (henceforth, “Kyle”) during his long deployments as an Enforcer. Mel would not have succeeded with this obligation so early in life without assistance. That help came in the form of a caregiver mechanoid (NURSE Unit, serial number: MAU452Z-54-L95TC, designate “Florence”), whose cost was easily managed by Jon’s pay grade.

By the time Jon was dishonorably discharged from the Enforcer Corps, Mel had become a capable nursemaid in her own right. Kyle was no longer an infant and could handle remedial chores as Mel focused her attention on the medical needs of their mother. This allowed Jon to continue seeking whatever employment he could, given his substantially degraded post in life.

Before their relocation to the Lower Levels, Mel was a top performer at her academic studies in Lyceum Precinct Delta-64.9c. Thanks to her test performance scores, she was identified early and placed into the Gifted Learner track. She was forced to withdraw from the program when their reassignment as Menials became official.

Of all the parties close to Jon, Mel would perhaps be the most justified in harboring ill-will towards her older brother. Protocol required investigation into her reading and media access history since the reassignment, in case problematic materials may have affected her or her influence on Jon.

Unless titles such as “Biochemical Regiments for Conservatory Occupations,” “The Nanite Prerogative: Future Science and Materials Beyond the Billionth” and “Critical Art Discussions of the 24th Century” are cause for alarm, there is nothing to hold against her, or to influence my assessment of Jon because of her. I would go so far as to say if any of this material were to have trickled down to Jon, it may have rendered a shred of culture where, frankly, there appears to be none.

None of this has given me any impetus to disqualify Jon as our security officer.