CID: 1111-2636-0481
Race: Human
Age: 54
Occup: Menial (Level 4)

Ellen 1111-2636-0481 (henceforth, “Ellen”) was once a Performans (actor) of some note, having taken part in several early Conglomerate “Vision Blade” commercial campaigns in the home system. Her career path had attracted many prospective mates, and she ultimately entered a Share Fusion Agreement with a Conglomerate local administrator. Their first son, Jon, was born soon thereafter. Ellen’s husband was killed in a Syrhani’i terror strike while on a [REDACTED] mission to an outworld summit to be held at [REDACTED]. Ellen chose not to remarry and retired when Jon successfully graduated from the Enforcer Academy.

Her wealth was confiscated when Jon was pressed into retirement by his superiors (the alternatives being an exceptionally brutal prison sentence or possibly death). There are unsubstantiated rumors that Ellen was able to leverage what remained of her celebrity contacts and a friendly sentiment for her deceased husband within the Conglomerate political establishment. In exchange, her entire family would be reduced to the lowest Menial class in the Conglomerate with their collective wealth and her fame confiscated in the bargain, but Jon's freedom was ensured. With her accounts seized, Ellen could no longer afford the neurogenetic treatments which had allowed her to continue walking without the use of external braces. She had long battled a series of neurological disorders rendering her legs useless.

It is unclear from available records if Jon is aware of the sacrifice Ellen made for the family.

Query: None

While not entered into his official dossier, there is the possibility Jon’s entry into the Enfocers (rather than following in the path of the Performans or bureaucratic careers of his parents) may be revenge motivated. A special Watch Algorithm (customized career tracking code) was attached to Jon’s record by his superiors at PARACOM as a precaution to ensure his commanders never placed him into Taskforce 343, a branch of PARACOM dedicated to killing Syrhani’i on sight, or support forces of a T-343 mission.

As our mission is nowhere near Syrhani’i occupied space, there is once again nothing present to lead me to remove Jon from his assignment.