CID: 1111-0031-1063
Race: Human
Age: 15
Occup: Menial (Level 4)

Kyle 1111-0031-1063 (henceforth, “Kyle”) is Jon’s younger brother. No known criminal record. Class IV Menial.

Kyle was too young to remember in any great detail Jon’s discharge from the Enforcer Corps and the spectacle surrounding it. This is among the small “blessings” Jon has shared with me during our pre-mission conversations. Kyle is the typical Menial youth waiting to come of the age so he can take up a trade study and aid his family’s typical existence in, as Jon calls it, “a system of numbers…not people…”

The official terminology for this is “life in the Conglomerate,” even if the symbolism was clearly in reference to “life as a Menial.”

Kyle shares a close bond with his older brother and dreams of becoming what he once was: an Enforcer. It is also clear that Jon has shared the truth behind his fall from the good graces of his superiors in explaining their current state of affairs. Familial connections have, in the past, been a source of concern among the field operators of the Enforcers, particularly among officers who have been stripped of their command.

After an extensive review of Jon’s records and mandatory monitored communications with his family both before and following the Sestus Prime incident, there is no breach of operational security to be noted. Jon has maintained the contractual vigil of silence regarding PARACOM and its activities.