MACODAX Information Access Point (IAP)

The Master Conglomerate Data Matrix (MACODAX) is the sum total of Conglomerate knowledge including: history, technologies, personnel and anything else ever discovered and recorded.

Specialized information is transmitted from MACODAX through restricted channels to necessary recipients. General information is publicly accessible through low-level access channels (i.e, citizen hyperweb connection).

Access to MACODAX partitions containing sensitive information is only accessible through secure kiosks called Information Access Points (IAPs) or individual stations installed by authorized technology officers. IAPs are found in public places but require the appropriate security clearance to gain access. The sites chosen for sensitive IAP installation are usually well-guarded in their own right (such as director offices, security precincts, hangar decks, etc.). These locations are under constant electronic or direct (armed human or droid) surveillance and response. High-security MACODAX kiosks are designed to withstand massive physical distress (including direct ship cannon fire) and auto-destruct (through microcircuitry fusion) should their internal power cells discharge.

It should be noted that no information is stored at the MACODAX IAP. These stations serve exclusively as access points.