“First you feel the wind…
then you outrun it.”

- Jim 521-5824-2985
Hoverbike Grand Prix Circuit Champion

The Haberschtein Group, the primary shipbuilder for the Conglomerate, started a collector’s series of hoverbikes in late 2683 as a multi-system market for such vehicles experienced a renaissance of sorts. Just five years after its launch, Haberschtein hoverbikes were winning Grand Prix circuits across all terrain types (due to extensive expertise in atmospheric-materials science and propulsion dynamics). As with all things, performance came at a price. For those lucky enough to acquire them, the Haberschtein racing units gained the reputation as the “go-to” hoverbike for all worlds, both domestic and frontier.

Haberschtein Shipyards build the Conglomerate's main fleet (including Herald and Dominus class capital vessels). These are some of the most lucrative contracts the Conglomerate has to offer by , so it came as little surprise Haberschtein would win the hoverbike contract for expeditionary and Enforcer patrol use. The “James III” model is named after Jim 1421-5824-2985, the original designer (and rider) of the customized “James” series responsible for the string of Grand Prix championships from 2692-2702. The prolific designer/rider retired in June of 2702, happy to rest on his laurels, royalties and commercial endorsements. He continued to consult with Haberschtein, periodically offering its engineers small glimpses into his revolutionary “outside the box” design inspiration.

The result is the James III Hoverbike (technically, the Haberschtein “James” Generation-III Atmospheric Aerial Cycle). When they were awarded the contract, Haberschtein was forbidden from selling equipment to the public that was now considered “military technology.” This only raised the value of previous models in the collector marketplace.