CAPTAIN NOVA: Hollowiki Excerpt

Excerpt from the Conglomerate General Entertainment Catalog:

Publisher: Anomaly Holo Video Entertainment
First Appearance: August, 2696
Created by: Norm 442-5431-1212 & Morgan 442-5260-2107
Alter Ego: Kameron Lukas Roddenbury (Captain Nova’s civilian name)
Team Affiliations: Com. Davin Korr (second in command), Dr. Sana Pluralis, Lt. Joess Xan, Bando (cybernetic canine)


Popular animated classic holo vid series which ran from 2689 to 2712 about the rugged space gallivanteur, Captain Nova, and his ragtag crew as they traversed the Antiverse.

Set in the distant past (circa: 2168 AD), the swashbuckling Captain Nova and the crew of the CSV India is en route to help rebuild the once Corishtani-controlled worlds that had been devastated during the war with the Conglomerate. Through sabotage of the India's NAVCOM, the Kelheim Gate that should have taken them to Vector C instead hurled them into a yet-unknown sector of space. Captain Nova was created to ride the wave of exploration, patriotism and high adventure in what was still a relatively new concept of “greater space.” This pioneering spirit and old world charm proved extremely popular across many cultures of the modern day Conglomerate. Some of the archetypes, characters and famous lines can be found in current pop-culture references. Among the racier were: “Protection is a must during First Contact,” (Dr. Pluralis in season 3, episode 05, “The Jandingo Who Loved Me”) and “Love thy negotiations” (Captain Nova in season 5, episode 02, “Shipwreck”). Many have been entered into the prestigious Oxforttanica Colloquial Database and used in standardized Conglomerate English conversations around the universe.
Production Issues:

The original Captain Nova (Harrison 767-5112-8992) retired from the starring role at the conclusion of the sixth season to pursue other interests including his wife-to-be, Kalina 767-4612-7926). To date, no other performan (actor) has generated the estimated 6.2T credits Harrison's holo vids have earned. It would seem that his appeal went far beyond humans. His replacement was a promising new performan, Thorpe 767-0259-2211. The seventh season was considered an unbridled disaster as revenues plummeted with Thorpe's very public alien prostitution binges and grotesque weight gain. His astronomical salary fed his weakness for rare Andeluvian Caviar. (As research would later reveal, a mildly radioactive substance within this particular caviar was found to inhibit proper nanite function within an organism, thus eliminating the possibility of cosmetic nanosurgery. Worse, he was so utterly saturated with the neutralizing agent as to even be unable to properly conceal the scars that would be left behind after more “draconian excess weight removal procedures.” Thorpe's use as a public relations device (“the Voice of Captain Nova”) was therefore greatly diminished. Among the casualties of his actions (aside from his reputation) was also the collapse of the Captain Nova Convention Series franchise. Such conventions were known to draw fans from around the known universe and generating hundreds of millions of credits in business.

Rather than spend the money and time to rehabilitate Thorpe, the studio decided to cast a new Captain Nova.

The writers crafted and “back wrote” the seventh season as an “epic mind assault by the now infamous brain-burrowers known as the Lacksa...” The move effectively rendered an entire season a dream sequence bemoaned by fans everywhere.

The eighth season began with a new Captain Nova (now played by Baron 767-7841-3741), a clean-cut, clean living (by contract) performan who quickly returned the show to respectability and, more importantly, profits. He remained Captain Nova until the final episode in 2712 where crew of the India entered a cosmic ambiguity that gave no sense of finality to the series. The entertainment rumor mill is at a fever pitch about a new Captain Nova series due out by 2722.

Thorpe 767-0259-2211died five years after his medically enforced retirement. He was immortalized, however, as “The Fattest Living Human in the Universe” by the Guinness Group in 2698. His recorded weight was 981.36 kg and a body circumference (measured around the waist) of 16.46 m. This medical improbability (and autopsy) subsequently gave definitive proof the very same substances that neutralized nanites (Andeluvian Caviar) could also be used (in trace amounts) as a cardiovascular salve if surgery options were unavailable or considered too risky. The dark side of Andeluvian Therapy is that no food is as remotely hypercaloric as Andeluvian Caviar (15,521kcal/g). No known synthetic with the same benefits are known to exist.