Humanity has moved from the Earth’s surface to the space surrounding it…but some human traditions refused to be quashed by the new realities of life. Among these is the use of fireworks.

Fireworks have a history dating back to the ancient Chinese, to festivals in countless European cultures and indeed, into the heart of the Conglomerate itself. The use of explosives in the oxygen-rich interior of a space-borne Conglomerate Space Station (CSSTAT), however, was a non-starter. In order to spread the merriment that only comes from a fireworks display (without the obvious dangers surrounding their use) various entertainment companies developed holo-fireworks arrays as a compromise of tradition and safety.

Holo-fireworks generators are relatively uniform in function. By exciting the energy states of available atmospheric elements, controlled bursts of colored light can be recreated in a room, a space station or across an entire horizon (with adequate power projected from orbit). Since light emission is the only “byproduct” of this technology, holo-fireworks are the safest way to celebrate the traditions on Earth, and beyond…

Individuals or life forms sensitive to the intense light should exercise appropriate precautions when viewing a holo-fireworks display.

Advanced versions of the holo-fireworks technology (using the expanded electromagnetic spectrum, which can penetrate solid objects) are used for holographic communication constructs.