C.S.V. HERALD CLASS Etymology: Latin: “messenger, envoy”

CATEGORY: Republic
Length: 410m
Width: 160m
Height: 62m
Mass: 1,700,000 metric tons
Decks: 15
Crew/Max: 523 crew and enlisted/4,000

Conglomerate Space Vessel (CSV), designate “Herald” (CSVH) is a command capital vessel in fleet formation responsible for the majority of planetary defense “softening” prior to Enforcer insertion. A new system’s first contact experience typically begins with the appearance of such a vessel in the sky, and thus meant to present an “insurmountable enemy” should confrontation be considered by the opposing party. CSVH ships carry the command codes to execute Omega Level “World Zeroing” operations. Final sequencing is possible only through a directive issued from the Conglomerate Major Shareholders (CMS) due to the massive costs involved in the elimination of all biological life of a world.


Offensive: 6 (4 forward, 2 aft) torpedo arrays (internally housed), 2 “quad-pod” High-Energy Landstrike Lasers (HELL), 2 top-mounted pulsar canons Defensive: 3 SHIELD units (2 forward, 1 aft), Advanced RD3 system (RD3- Mark IIa.)


Originally designed by Haberschtein Shipyards as a weapons platform following the Corishtani Conflict, CSVH class ships came into service in 2173 through the direct investment and development of the Conglomerate Military Services Bureau (CMSB). They have been a pivotal asset of the Conglomerate in ensuring “system compliance.” Their unveiling was in direct response to the formation of the Democratic Alliance of Planets (“The Alliance”) in the outer rim worlds operating beyond immediate Conglomerate control. Heavily armed, fast and able to project large forces to the outermost reaches of Conglomerate holdings, the presence of a HERALD vessel typically bodes ill for those over whom it appears.

Constantly upgraded with the latest weapons packages, the HERALD class vessels have an expected service life expectancy of 120+ years. The success of the platform was such that the CSVD (Conglomerate Space Vessel, Dominus) class program was implemented as the future standard bearer of Conglomerate power in occupied space.