The ability to transverse multiple star systems is humanity’s triumph over forces of nature not long ago the stuff of imagination and oceans of scientific theory. Gate Satellite Emitters (GSEs) provide the effective “spark” which allow the tempo-spatial portal known as a Kelheim Gate to form.

Aside from the basic scientific tenets leading to the formation of Gate technologies, everything about the GSEs are maintained within an extraordinarily tight security bubble. Certification to operate the GSEs require highly invasive (even by Conglomerate standards) interviews and background checks for employment consideration (including a rigorous psychological vetting by CMSB specialists). The shroud cast over GSEs are such that the theoretical explanations for the activation sequence to form a Kelheim Gate remain a thing of urban legends and massive, coordinated scientific obfuscation. Opinions are many; from “decoy GSMs” to “the use of yet unknown power sources” to “necessary angular tempo-spatial nexus points” are abound.

Due to the unusual interference surrounding the GSMs (even when inactive) attempts to gain knowledge of their construction, materials, etc. are just as much a matter of speculation and direct observation. Many believe the CMSB has secretly wrapped Gate-controlled space with technology neutralization “cages” designed to hamper any attempt to glean any insight to the GSMs by equipment or one's direct observation.

The most secretive technology of the Conglomerate is, ironically, the most used in all matters of intergalactic commerce. It is what makes the passage of resources, products and communications across star systems possible.