• Be free of biological radicals (natives as well as contagions)
• Full control of all access points into the area
• Shielded from projectile attacks by clearance or adequate automated inter
ceptor grid not to exceed 0.1% success of a strike (in hostile territories)
• Full battalion readiness at all times on the ground with 5-10 fast action
platoons stationed above with the fleet (response time to ground should
not exceed 5 minutes) Introduction:
According to established protocol, an Expeditionary Armada (EXA) on a First Contact mission makes its presence known, dropping into the atmosphere from orbit and hovering above the largest population center of any sentient life forms detected. This display of raw power is important to ensure the natives do not take up arms against the Conglomerate. Removal of the psychological underpinnings for resistance is essential for successful First Contact. It usually signifies the end of any planned opposition.

Up to this point, the Conglomerate is to the new species a foreboding, advanced technology presence. Your mission as a Conglomerate Enforcer can be summarized in the Trinity of First Contact.

Directive I of First Contact: Contain and pacify.
Establishment of a security zone from which a base of operations and negotiating facilities can be constructed is absolutely critical for any military operation, but especially in those of new planet acquisitions. The Primary Security Zone (also called SECZONE- 1) requirements must fulfill the following:

Directive II of First Contact:
For the good of all, not just our own.
As an emissary of the Conglomerate, you must strive to present the posture of “amicable sternness.” Striking the balance between strength and goodwill is a skill requiring practice and should be exercised at every opportunity. This is particularly true when in the presence of native leadership elements. Specific gestures to emulate can be found in The Universal Language of Peace (Chamberlain 2121-5348-1127, circa 2213).

Maintain a wary eye as you’ve been trained, but do nothing to jeopardize relations until Conglomerate diplomatic teams are on site. A favorable acquisition by the Conglomerate is the ultimate goal. Enforcer performance to this end will be noted in annual bonus assignments.

Directive III of First Contact: Violence dealt where violence received.
Enforcers are one of the bastions of Conglomerate stability. Officers charged with First Contact missions must place the safety of those under their command at the top of their decision making during the highly fluid nature of the moment. If a hand (or any figurative or literal equivalent) is raised against the Enforcers, then the Enforcers must respond with overwhelming force to dominate any further opposition.