The Enforcer is the primary combat unit of the Conglomerate Military Service Bureau (CMSB). They are the first and last line of defense in Conglomerate space, charged with the safety of its civilians and holdings that make modern day life possible.

Enforcer training is both physically and mentally brutal, designed to break its recruits down and rebuild them into something greater than they were before entry into the Corps. In practical terms, the Conglomerate found it good policy to have the recipients of state-of-the-art weaponry trained to be a highly disciplined force. This strategy (and immense budgets) proved a wise investment when the Board moved to remove a wayward Chairman through the Unity Clause. Civil war (or more likely, a military coup) became a frightening specter during the removal proceedings. The CMSB command, in accordance with the Founding Charter, remained neutral. A bloody, interstellar war was averted and a peaceful transfer of power was achieved.

Candidates who fail the Preliminary Exam Batteries (PREBATs) or subsequent follow-up psychiatric reviews frequently apply to local municipality Security Agent hiring pools. The prerequisites for a Security Agent are far less stringent than those for an Enforcer. This is especially true of the mental stability of potential hires. Enforcer recruits are regularly dismissed for unpredictable behavior under stress, not for lack of physical ability.

Enforcers scoring high in “combat or intelligence value proficiencies” may be approached by CMSB’s Paramilitary Command (PARACOM). PARACOM is charged with foreign intelligence gathering, exploitation and other so-called black operations.

Enforcers are the forward face of humanity to all alien species at First Contact. They are historically both chief negotiators and defenders of Conglomerate interests to the furthest reaches of explored space. The Conglomerate takes a special pride in its forces and spares no expense in their training, equipment and military supremacy against all antagonists. An Enforcer fulfilling their services to the Conglomerate has taken the first critical step toward Conglomerate stock ownership.