EARTH (2717 A.D.)

Conglomerate Designate: HW-1
Diameter:12,76.28 km
Density: 5.52 g/cm3
Mass: 1.08 x 1026 kg
Volume: 5.78 x 1024 kg
Temperature Range: -30° C to 65° C
Atmosphere: Mostly Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen
Winds: 531 km/h
Moons: 1
Rotation: 23 hours, 56 minutes
Rings: None
Composition: Iron core, silicate surface, unusually high availability of water
Magnetic Field: Effective range ~360,000 km from surface
Primary Species: Human
Population: 20.8 billion
Government: Conglomerate
Threat Condition:None

Earth is the ancestral birthplace of the human race and therefore the Conglomerate. While CSSTAT-5 is designated the center of Sector-0 (Earth system) on all official astrocharts, there remains a nostalgia for the “Old Planet” and many CMSs own vacation plots in Stabilized Atmospheric Bands (SABs).

The current population of Earth is currently split nearly 90/10 with 90 percent residing in the Massive Domed Cities (MDCs), and 10 percent making due on the wildly unstable surface. Another 200 million are spread out across the many CSSTATs and ancillary boarding structures in orbit around the planet.