CID: 1-8958-69362
Race: Human
Age: 66
Occup: Executive VP:
Conglomerate Communications

The current serving Executive Vice President of Conglomerate Communications, Daral 1-8958-69362 (henceforth, “Daral,” unless otherwise noted) has amassed enviable influence in Conglomerate operations. Information is indeed power, and his careful acquisition of new technologies to be used against outworlders (as well as his personal enemies in Conglomerate space) have made him a force to be reckoned with.

Unlike most Conglomerate executives, Daral possesses an intuitive knack for hyperspace engineering mechanics. He is among a handful of CMS officers with such a practical background. While the Watcheyes had long been a Conglomerate staple by the time he was born, his refining of the communication protocols through the WARP Gates sped communications efficiencies by years. These accomplishments earned him great fortunes and cemented his position within the executive rings of society by the time he was 30. His reputation since has been one of absolute control over everyone under his watch, and has included new system communication sphere rollouts. Daral’s implementation of Communications Full Integration Doctrine (C-FIND) is considered one of the bedrocks of Conglomerate success and stability, second only to the Enforcer Corps.

On rare occasions, upon acceptance into The Conglomerate a new world’s communications equipment is upgraded to systems standardized speed, robustness and security under C-FIND. All manners of networks are thereafter uniform, compatible and immediately ready for commerce, audio and video datastreams. Daral’s key research and implementation of the OPTI translation software (now a standard in organic encoding for First Contact drop teams) have also helped expedite agreements and subsequent marketing efforts to every corner of Conglomerate-controlled space.

Observation: Several non-incorporated entities have voiced concerns abroad of Conglomerate equipment containing espionage hardware and/or software overrides that render any notion of secure or private communications moot. To date, no evidence of such infiltration-wares has been discovered by anyone, including those who most vociferously question Conglomerate intentions. It seems strange to believe something exists by virtue of not being able to prove its existence.