No manufactured product can ever be deemed “perfect.” Conglomerate Cybernetics Certification for droid production has an unmatched lifetime failure rate of 0.002%, the lowest in all cybernetics. Should you, however unlikely, purchase a unit which fails within the first 50 years of service, Conglomerate Cybernetics will replace your servitor unit at our expense. We remain the favorite manufacturer of servitor units for a reason: Customer service and survivability.

Warranty is not applicable where deliberate damage, negligence, user error, traditional/cer-emonial mistreatment, software alterations or other abuse is inflicted on the unit. Warranty fraud
will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Impeccable service. Without complaint. Without exception.*

Three centuries ago, one company set out to build the best droids possible. They proved so successful, the Conglomerate acquired them, and Conglomerate Cybernetics was born.
Conglomerate Cybernetics is dedicated to providing the best servitor units in civilized space. But our unrivalled droid pedigree begins well before you summon them for your first glass of Hildonic wine.
We use only the purest ores to blend our cutting edge alloys.
Our patented tools can machine components to near incalculable tolerances. Attention to every detail allows us to fabricate the most robust, long-lasting droids in existence.
From rugged science field servitors to luxury droids capable of such fluid motion, you’d mistake them as superior humans if not for their metal skin…
…and superior manners.
Advanced software and neo-predictive AI make for seamless integration into your workflow…or vacation-flow… If they make an error, they only make it once, and never again.
Still not convinced?
As of 2700, we’ve even incorporated next generation microtechnic nuclear batteries.
So now your favorite servitor unit may well be your great-grandchildren’s favorite as well…
...without a single recharge…
…without a single repair.

Conglomerate Cybernetics… For those who demand the best.