LEVY 442-0152-2102

Race: Human
CID: 442-0152-2102
Age: 44
Occupation: Media Producer

Levy 442-0152-2102 (henceforth, “Levy,” unless otherwise noted) is a Media Producer from a local precinct of CSSTAT-5. His selection to the mission came about when the Interplanetary Affairs Subcommittee demanded explicit (and unedited) documentation of every step of the APNC negotiations proceedings. Samantha’s Watcheye would be left behind on CSSTAT-5 while she undertook this mission, per Conglomerate negotiation protocol. Had she accepted an Enforcer battalion to ensure the safety of the sensitive communications equipment contained in the Watcheye, it would be permitted to accompany her. However, this would be in complete violation of the point she and the APNC want to make.

Levy was assigned by the committee for his knowledge in media acquisition and production. His recordings from the heart of recent Enforcer campaigns had won several awards and many times over that number in quality enlistees (the direct result of the compelling recruitment holovids created from his work).