The Conglomerate's General Assembly gathers bimonthly, or as system matters arise requiring their timely decisions. Located on Conglomerate Space Station 5 (CSSTAT-5), the massive hall technically occupies over 60% of deck 19 and safeguarded behind countless defense layers. As the central hub of all Conglomerate business affairs, it is enviably the most secure deck of the most secure location in existence.

“We’d just as soon let the Earth burn before we let Five (colloquial reference to CSSTAT-5) cease function.” Peter 1-8646-98375 [Undated writing]

“Should another situation such as the Corishtani arise, and we’ve taken precautions this does not happen, all one need remember is this: The Conglomerate can function without the Earth. It cannot without this wondrous place.” - The Chairman [General Assembly 2699.5501.a keynote]

Chief among these precautions is a comms blackout for all non-Watcheye frequency remote communications. Even MACODAX recording of meetings are transmitted through hardlines to the information bureaus that must receive, preserve and act upon this information. The hardlines themselves are sandwiched between Extended Electromagnetic Spectrum (EEM) and explosive-resistant (high Audrium composite alloy) sub-floors. These data tunnels are referred by maintenance crews as D19-5: “Deck 19.5”.

A specially trained Enforcer brigade keeps all entry points to this sub-floor under armed guard every minute of every day. “Data Guard,” as this assignment is known, is the single, longest ongoing guard duty on record (previously held by the soldiers who manned America's “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”). Unlike the ceremonial obligations of “the Tomb,” Data Guard is considered an active, armed deployment.

The General Assembly chambers are colossal, but can be adjusted according to expected attendance. It is rare to have members outside of those residing on the CSSTAT's to attend in person. Assembly members who are off-station (or in other galaxies) have their Watcheyes on site as official proxies able to commit legally binding votes and can appear in person as holograms when desired.