A Conglomerate ID (CID) is the primary means of identification in Conglomerate society. The series of numbers is assigned based loosely on models prescribed by the Actuarial Congress of 2055. The project sought to fulfill the need for rapid identification in an exponentially rising population. The literal birth convention was abandoned in 2071, chiefly due to Mars Forward Transport Base (MFTB) and other in-transit births, which were difficult to confirm and, more importantly, led to difficulty calculating proper excise amounts. Cryogenic accommodations with robotic monitors were pushed into service to help slow further populous data integrity interruptions, as were additional safeguards in the Central Banking Ministry (CBM). The CBM was established as a transaction clearing house on Station-1 managing all Earth, Mars, Station and eventually, multi-galaxial commerce.

When the Conglomerate became the chief enabler of system life, the CBM created the CID which would encapsulate an individual’s work type, guild association and relative value in Conglomerate shares. As a side note, the CID moniker was kept as a nod to the first institution which used the acronym (the “CYGNUS ID”).

CIDs integrate Share Density Band (SDB) through the use of scientific notation standards (3-digits x Power of 10). This ensures an accurate measure of the citizen as well as maintaining format simplicity. The numbers are dynamic, and multi-system transaction framework update delays may occur with subspace interference of encrypted communications. Should one wonder why exponents are used in most CIDs, it bears remembering that the Conglomerate is a multi-system entity that incorporates hundreds of worlds and many sentient species who share in the company’s long term vision.

Social prominence in Conglomerate Space is determined through share accumulation of Conglomerate stock. Stockholdings and occupation are also captured in the CID. Every citizen of The Conglomerate is assigned a CID. The special identification card bearing this enumeration is a hyper-enrypted, “live” holo-card that can be updated by the CBM. It must be presented upon request for all transactions that occur in Conglomerate space.