With the exception of the CMSB, the Board of Directors of the Conglomerate proper is elected from the CEO pool of the respective companies.

The Chairman of the Conglomerate therefore possesses, by any definition, near dictatorial power over all of the explored space through the tightly centralized nature of the bureaucracy and wealth management procedures.

System overseer based on the simple, universal pursuit of profit and system unification. The Conglomerate is the evolutionary result of Old Earth’s industrial revolution (19th century) applied to the multi-world, multi-species reality of today. The formation of the Conglomerate is credited with the single longest period of peace ever recorded. Despite this remarkable feat, there remain pockets of malcontents who question whether the cost of such peace was worth the high price paid through the loss of individual freedom.

The Conglomerate is the single, unified authority for all aspects of system life, responsible for its governance, defense, expansion and profitability. At the core of this entity are the flagship enterprises from which the Conglomerate's influence spiders outward to the furthest reaches of controlled space. These foundational hubs are: Conglomerate Communications Corporation (COMCAR), Conglomerate Energy Department (CEND), Conglomerate Ministry of Finance (CMOF) and the increasingly influential Conglomerate Military Service Bureau (CMSB), which is responsible for overall system stability as well as acquisition. Each "hub" is a collective of mega-corporates specializing in a particular, operational sphere of influence but acting in accordance with their umbrella cooperative.