C.S.V. Marathon Class (CSVM)

A primitive form of the Marathon project began development in the later 25th century (2487). It was originally conceived as a sub-singularity propulsion booster unit charged with the creation and direction of forces unleashed by the formation of provisional blackholes (and the ensuing matter-antimatter reactions ignited therein). Resulting thrust –to-weight ratios of even the largest payloads increased by magnitudes and extended the reach of conventionally explorable space by nearly 15% overnight. This newfound ability to traverse far greater swaths of space made the naming of the vessel type now appears somewhat prophetic in hindsight. (The original naming was for a propulsion guru of the last century, Marathonias 612-4255-5423.

The next-gen booster units were eventually integrated into ship hull designs starting with forward elements most likely to see combat (or need to quickly deliver supplies and personnel to these units). The relative efficiency of the technology also made it a candidate for the latest exploratory vehicles pushing at the limits of Conglomerate space, reaching deep into systems past the Kelheim Gate point of entry. The CSV Marathon (CSVM) class was soon christened.

The program came under threat of shutdown when Marathon booster prototype models were found in a massive Saralic (narcotic) bust in the crime-riddled Ephos system. An Exploratory Armada (EXA) fleet normally reserved for planetary acquisition or system warfare was sent to deal with the violent outlaws. The technology was recovered and, upon study by forensic technicians, revealed several modifications to a prototype reaction chamber.

These alterations are rumored to be the foundation for a yet-unnamed weapon type being developed by the Conglomerate.