The Ordurkan race is a recent Conglomerate trading partner from the Sectari region of KGT-1 space. Having already developed an independent system of trade (and a healthy respect for the principles of profit), the Ordurkan's were unusually pliable during negotiations.

The most peculiar trait of the Ordurkan physiology is the complete lack of sleep cycles. Cellular replacement and function is so efficient, they produce very little metabolic waste. The average Ordurkan will expel approximately one cubic liter of carbon dioxide every 24 hours. The number can rise with increased activity, but the “Ordurkan way” is to never rush. It is a quality that has many calling them “Space Sloths.” Their known lifespan is approximately 300-400 years.

The delegation responsible for Ordurkan First Contact recognized their immediate use as long-distance pilots. Their concept of wealth (and humanoid physiology) helped to found the Ordurkan Transport Arm (OTA) of KGT-1 and KGT-2. Non-Alpha Priority materials could be transported in-system by the OTA pilots who could fly their cargo trans-system to Kelheim Gates with little more than standard transport barges. The Ordurkan's humanoid form made them instantly employable. Both time and money were saved not having to modify cockpit equipment.

OTA pilots are especially effective in regions of space where solar storms are prevalent. Solar storms wreak havoc on a NACOM's delicate star system mapping elements. Such vessels must be piloted manually, and usually for a very long duration. Androids pilots are similarly affected in such hyper-storms. Ordurkans, needing no sleep, very little food and an unworldly patience that befuddles all organic system researchers, have allowed previously inaccessible stretches of space to turn their riches over to the Conglomerate.

A squad of OTA pilots are maintained on each CSSTAT in case their special abilities are needed. Most prefer to spend their time in the Lower Levels trading stories with their fellow travelers.

Ordurkans have a mellow temperament and are grand storytellers.