The Advance Planetary Negotiations Committee is a group of like-minded, high-profile Conglomerate shareholders who seek to change the core negotiation protocols of The Conglomerate from that of a single-sided determination to maximize profits at any costs, to one of environmental sensitivity and long-term benefits. The majority of their work has, until recently, focused solely on policy from the comforts of CMS life.

Samantha 1-9287-97632 (henceforth, “Samantha”) cut through the bureaucratic maze to obtain authorization for a mission to planet designate,7339-XQB. This mission was to be a test case for their new, principled approach to interspecies relationships. By receiving official endorsement for the mission, her group was allowed to procure a decommissioned FNDV (Forward Negotiation Diplomatic Vehicle). The FNDV is a modified CSVN (Nitor class) rapid deployment craft. Rechristened the “APNC Shuttlecraft,” it underwent several retrofits to meet APNC “certifications.” Among the modifications are:

- Removal of P-198 Twin Gatling Lasers
- Removal of large weapons carriages (biological microlab installed in its place)
- Sealed Powerglider drop chutes
- Addition of OPTI neural translation unit
- Addition of experimental OPTI databases (and multi-wavelength signal emulator)
- Addition of external armor plates
- Enhanced SHAKER (Shuttle Area Kinetic Earth Resonance) System
- Additional backup water treatment stations

Performance of the APNC-modified shuttle is “heavier” than the original design specifications of the CSVN series. The additional water treatment, lab and armor hardware constitutes the bulk of this weight. The logic for this trade-off is with a non-forceful approach, a craft bristling with weapons would not be needed. Internally housed (not outwardly visible), low-energy stun units remain (2 forward facing, 2 rear facing). These stun units are called “pop guns” in Enforcer vernacular for their relative ineffectiveness against anything other than humans. “Pop guns” were originally installed to adapt the CSVN to “domestic unrest” situations.